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Abstract 1
The natural environment has always been Joseph’s greatest source of inspiration and motivation.
Local Artist
Four Seasons
The subjects I paint are varied and depend on what inspires or interests me at the time but I particularly enjoy using mixed media.
Local Artist
Evening Storm
Keith enjoys painting in oils, watercolour and acrylics. His subjects include local scenes of the New Forest and coast, animals and abstracts.
Local Artist
After Hours I
Paul specialises in contemporary semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes, and distinctive portraiture.
Local Artist
Sally comes from a family of artists and works from a studio in her garden. Having been a radio presenter and journalist for many years, she began printmaking after moving to the South Coast.
Local Artist
Autumn Hedgerow
Local Artist
Beach Huts
Stewart’s stunning metre square canvases take their cue from the colours of the sea and coastline; local fishing boats and beach huts.
Local Artist
Rhythm and Blues
Trevor paints primarily in acrylic or soft pastel, covering most subjects, including pets, portraits, life and abstract.
Local Artist
Blue Boat
Victor lives by the sea and loves boats. He originally trained as a graphic designer, followed by a MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art in London.
Local Artist
Will Rochfort is a Hampshire based artist who works predominantly in oils and focuses on snapshots of people in time.
Local Artist
Intuitive Painting Workshop
These workshops offer you the space and opportunity to express yourself creatively free from artistic expectations, standards and judgements.
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