Mike Robinson

High & Dry
Too Little Too Late
Portrait of a dress maker
Portrait of a landlord
Mike Robinson Photographer

A life long photographer who got distracted by a career in advertising moved to the Isle of Wight in 2016 to live on his boat at Newport. Having sold it he’s now turned to develop a unique approach to portrait photography.

The Isle of Wight Art Scene
Through this he got involved with The LOCAL ART SCENE and is now the representative for the Isle of Wight looking for aspiring artists in any medium who would like help in selling to a world wide market through THE LOCAL ART SCENE.

One phone call to 07802 501 655 will bring Mike to your studio to discuss how TLAS can help you get your work seen by art buyers across the world. He will also help organise local exhibitions and improve the reach of your web site or create one if you haven’t got that far yet.

07802 501 655
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