Palms and Pelicans

Palms and Pelicans

Since early 2015 the New Forest dream-pop quartet has been shaking up the UK underground scene with their grunge-injected pop music. Founded by Jack Lawrence (guitar/vocals) and Mattea McKinnon (guitar/vocals), the two childhood friends had been writing together for over a decade, before forming Palms and Pelicans with Daryl McCabe (bass) and Darren Barrett (drums).

Their unique style combines infectious harmony-driven male and female vocals, with dreamy shoegaze-style guitar. Powerful pop melodies, driving basslines and grungy riffs make up the blueprint of their euphoric sound.

With the band already supporting the likes Fickle Friends and Pale Seas, their live buzz is taking shape and capturing new listeners across the country. The band released the 5 track 'GLOWING E.P' in November and celebrated with a sold-out show in their hometown, Southampton.

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