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We are a six-piece vintage rock and roll band playing covers from the 1950s and 1960s. Alan, Ed and Mandy have been playing together for many years in various bands and Freddy spent 20 years playing guitar and touring the world with the famous group The Drifters after they relocated from the US to England in the 1970s. Re-Issue was formed in 2017 after Alan, Freddy and Scott met as members of the New Forest Jazz Workshop and decided to do something different.

The band is mainly based in the New Forest with local members living in Holbury, Ringwood and Fordingbridge.

Alan House, band leader, drums and vocals; Freddy D’Albert, lead guitar; Mandy Alderson, vocals and drums; Ed Niziolek, bass; Steve Connors, rhythm guitar and vocals; Scott Sinclair, keyboards.

Upcoming gig list:

  • Saturday, 27th October, 8.30pm
    Everton & Lymore Social Club, Everton, Lymington, SO41 0LL
  • Saturday, 8 December, 8.30pm
    Fawley Royal British Legion, Exbury Road, Blackfield, SO45 1XD
  • Friday, 9 November, 11pm
    Rock and roll evening, The Concorde Club, Eastleigh, SO50 9HQ
Fordingbridge, New Forest
Alan: 02380892780 | Mandy: 01458 441565
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