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New Milton

Browse our directory of local New Milton artists, galleries, events and suppliers and support local art in your community.
Find out more about our members, where they are located, view photos of premises, examples of work, find out where they are exhibiting and the clubs they belong to, click through to their websites, follow them on social media and contact them direct.

Local Listings:

Helen Talbot | Hampshire

Helen has taught since 1989 working in adult, further and higher education in Dorset and Hampshire in subjects including drawing, painting, graphic design, illustration, spatial design and interior architecture.

Hannah Rachel Musician

My name is Hannah Rachel and I’m a keen young musician from the New Forest.

Agapanthus 2

Pam's passion is botanical printmaking and painting. Various aspects of past illustration have spilled over from her gallery art.

Tony Clegg

Most of my work is in Acrylics and Watercolours using a variety of techniques. I prefer to develop an image by abstracting from reality whilst still retaining a measure of reality. I like to do things differently!

Mudeford Sunset

Painting is a calming influence in my life and I have found that is coming through in a lot of my pictures.

Boldre Wood

Barbara studied art at school in Ireland where she obtained her GCE in the subject along with several grades of RSA Examinations.

Not far from home is where John finds his inspiration to paint the ever-changing New Forest, the beautiful Hampshire Coastline, Harbour scenes and the hustle and bustle of local towns and villages.

Opening Doors to Imagination 2
An exhibition by local artists Julia Heissig and Helen Evans at The Forest Arts.
30 August - 04 October

Born in Suffolk in the 40's with I'm sure a paint brush in my hand, have always had the desire to paint and draw.

Art for sale by: Tony Clegg
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The Inn on the Hill
The Inn on the Hill
21” X 21”
Coral Island
Coral Island
33cm (H) x 43cm (W)
50cm (H) x 50cm (W)

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