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Sails & Rigging 4
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Trina Hart

It is said that great art is concerned with moral imperfections; this is a statement which resonates with me, and with...

Lymington, Hampshire

Ann Roach Painting

Ann Roach

An Artist living and working, with a studio at above address. Studio open to public, usually Nov./Dec for pre-...

Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire

Young Bull

Bobby Sephton

Bobby is an artist, illustrator and muralist living in the heart of the inspirational New Forest. She spent many...


Christina Young

I live where I can look at the sea and where the movement and light inspire and influence my paintings of sea and...

Italian Hill Village in Winter

Eileen Sey

Eileen's paintings are inspired by local and Cornish landscapes, harbours and coastlines. Artwork ranges from...

Barnes Lane, Milford on Sea, Hampshire SO41 0RR

Sunset by Jane Corner

Jane Corner

I studied at Brighton Art College, graduating in 1986 with a BA [Hons] degree in Expressive Arts. My inspiration...

Rowan Close, Sway, Hampshire


Janie Penny

Janie is a self-taught artist from a family with a strong tradition in painted media, and has painted and sketched all...

Fordingbridge, New Forest

Street Food

Julia Heissig

All things old and natural inspire me to paint. I am drawn to an image by light, colour, atmosphere, mood and sometimes...

Barton on Sea, Hampshire

Sails & Rigging 4

Marion Royle

Marion has a BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Art. Her background is in Arts education. As Director of Arts Specialism in a...

Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire

Hilltop Highlander

Sandra Binney

I have been painting, in a very loose watercolour style, the wildlife and environment which is all around my home in...

New Forest

Cowes Week

Tony Slade

Tony Slade is an artist based in Bramshaw in The New Forest specialising in landscapes and seascapes working with...

Bramshaw, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7JB

Purple Smarties

Andrew Johnson

Having spent many years toying with art, I now have a specific style that I like to describe as Fluid, Abstract and...

Golden Dawn

Ann Squire A.S.E.A.

With previous generations of her family steeped in the farming life, it is perhaps not surprising that Ann Squire grew...

30, Heath Road, St Leonards, Ringwood, Hampshire

Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton

Sally has been painting in watercolours since she was a small child. Art has been her lifelong passion and the feeling...

36 High Street, Milford on Sea, Hampshire SO41 0QD.


Annie Field

Annie paints in oils and acrylics...

21 Embankment Gardens, Chelsea, London SW3 4LW


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