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Website Design

Your website is your frontline marketing tool! So why not let us take the strain out of managing your art website and online marketing?

  • Is your current website down because you haven't renewed your domain name and hosting?
  • Is developing and maintaining your website on the back burner and as a result out of date?
  • Or, do you simply not have enough time to finish the process of creating your own website and keeping it updated?

Having your own online presence can be a daunting task for many. It's not just about having a website and hoping that the search engines will find you. With 803million+ artists currently indexed on the Google database, what is going to make your website stand out and get indexed higher than your competitors?

Using a combination of social media and good old search engine optimization, The Local Art Scene can improve your internet presence significantly.

Our tailored art marketing package includes:

Your own website

We will update your existing website or create a new one using an online website builder which will consist of 4 pages:

  • Home page
  • About the artist page
  • Gallery page
  • Contact and location page

Additional External Costs

If you want your own domain name. ie, you will need to register your domain name with a domain name provider. Prices range from £7.99 - £9.99 per year.
You will also need to upgrade your website hosting. Average cost £5.00 per month.
We strongly advise you to register these additional services in your own name to ensure that you take control on your website and your intellectual property.

Local Art Listing

To help boost your online profile and search rankings, we will provide a 12 months Artist Membership on the Local Art Scene consisting of:

  • A gallery of up to 4 x images of your work
  • Your business/name
  • A full description about you : artists statement, past exhibitions, history, etc
  • Address and telephone number
  • Website link to your new website
  • Email contact form
  • Local map if required
  • Social media links (See below)
  • Directory listing in your home county search
  • Directory listing in your home town search

Google Rankings

We can help you get onto page one of Google:

  • Marion Royle Artist - #1
  • Sheila Hope Artist - #1
  • Lin Knott Artist - #1

Website Examples

Sheila Hope Lymington Lin Knott Southampton Trina Hart Lymington

What Do I get?

To recap, this package includes:
Your existing website - Complete overhaul of your existing website including new layout, images and updated text.
New Website - If you do not have a website, we will create a new one for your art business consisting of 4 pages to get you started. This will be constructed on a free website platform, thus enabling you to login and make your own future updates and changes. Access to your new website will be in your control. We won't restrict you access to your own website.
Search Engine Optimisation - With all websites, we ensure that all pages are optimised to the guidelines set out by the major search engines. This will ensure that your website will stand a better chance of ranking on the first page. Meta tags will be added to all pages. Images will be named and resized tor faster viewing ensuring you are not penalised because they take too long to load. Text will be written to include relevant keywords specific to each page.
Local Art Scene Listing - We will provide you with a 12 month full membership on The Local Art Scene which will include your website link. This link is very important and will give your website a boost on the local search engine rankings.
Social Media - If you already have accounts with Twitter and Facebook, we will help you with the branding to ensure you have the right message and stand out from the crowd.


The one-off setup fee for this package is £400.00
Ongoing annual cost year 2+ is £50 (Artist profile on The Local Art Scene)

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