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Kour Pour

Kour Pour

Gallery 1957, London is proud to announce a solo exhibition of works from British-Iranian artist Kour Pour (b. 1987, UK), marking his first exhibition in the country of his birth. Working in various media, including painting, printmaking, bookmaking, fashion, and sculpture, Pour draws from a variety of global art histories to create works that trace cultural movement and exchange.  
Pour's works encompass diverse subject matter and culturally specific references, ranging from Islamic patterning to Japanese woodblock prints and Korean Minhwa folk art that infuse his paintings and sculptures. These references are used as starting points for his paintings, in which a source image is often cropped, abstracted, or adjusted in the palette to create vivid, intricate, and layered painting surfaces. As a child, Kour spent considerable time working in his father's carpet shop, memories of which have become a central component of his practice.

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