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#PartyGate Lest We Forget (Print)
620mm x 315mm | £60.95, Incl P&P
#PartyGate Lest We Forget - Postcards
21cm (W) x 9.9cm (H) | £10, Inc UK P&P
Autumn Landscape
46cm (H) x 56cm (W) | £250.00
Birch Trees
56cm (H) x 46cm (W) | £325.00
Catch of the Day
Unframed: 84cm (W) x 60cm (H) | £225.00
Female Life Study I
Framed: 25cm (H) x 34cm (W) | £225.00
Jumping Fox
Unframed: 84cm (W) x 60cm (H) | £225.00
Jumping Fox
Framed: 25cm (H) x 34cm (W) | £225.00
Red Fox
Framed: 25cm (H) x 34cm (W) | £225.00
Running Hare
Unframed: 84cm (W) x 60cm (H) | £225.00
Spirit Fox
43cm (H) x 54cm (W) | £495.00
Spirit Mask
96cm (H) x 76cm (W) | £550.00
100cm (W) x 70cm (H) | £550.00
Tea and Taxation (Print)
460mm x 560mm | £60.95, Incl P&P
Tea and Taxation Postcards
148mm (H) x 105mm (W) | £15.00, Inc UK P&P
60cm x 85cm | £350
Egyptian Dog
29cm (W) x 46cm (H) | £225
Female Life Study II
Framed: 25cm (H) x 34cm (W) | £95.00
Female Life Study IV
Framed: 25cm (H) x 34cm (W) | £225.00
Forbidden Fruit
24cm x 24cm | £225
Fox Turquoise
30cm (W) x 30cm (H) | £295
Green Fox
52cm (H) x 69cm (W) | £295.00
Landscape Yellow
40cm (H) x 50cm (W) | £350.00
Tatanka - Sitting Bull Laments the Demise of the Buffalo
66cm (W) x 66cm (H) | £750.00
The Elephant is not Quite in the Room
40cm (H) x 40cm (W) | £225.00
Urban Fox
Unframed: 84cm (W) x 60cm (H) | £225.00
Unframed: 84cm (H) x 60cm (W) | £355.00

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