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The Local Art Scene Franchise

If you are looking for a business that meets the demands of 1000s of artists across the UK, which allows you to set your own pace, then look no further than investing in a local art scene franchise.

Support local artists in your community!

The Local Art Scene is the market leader for supporting artists in the community, through a marketing mix of online, retail and regional events.

Using a proven system, franchisees have the option of providing several marketing opportunities to assist local artists with their marketing. This includes online, local events and participation within a community art space/gallery. Franchisees never have to buy stock. This is provided by members as part of their annual membership.

Franchisees have their own exclusive territory, where they can promote the products and services of The Local Art Scene.

Flexible Lifestyle
We have designed our business model around the level of input you want to put into growing your local business.

Training and support
The Local Art Scene offers a comprehensive training programme. Training is spread over several weeks and covers every aspect of the business in both the classroom and most importantly in the field.

On an on-going basis, every franchisee is supported by a Regional Sales Manager, who provides support and encouragement, as well as genuine business development within their territories.

Franchisees are encouraged to meet regularly, either through formal meetings, conferences or socially.

Who’s Ideal For Us?
The Local Art Scene has over 500 territories available across the UK and worldwide. We are looking for like-minded hard working individuals and couples to work as part of our growing network. Successful candidates would ideally have a strong desire to run their own business and are able to take on an existing business and breathe fresh enthusiasm into it.

These are the following income streams:

  • Website Sales
  • Local Exhibitions and Outdoor Events
  • Gallery Retail

Register your interest
We are in the development stages of this franchise. If you are interested in being part of this exciting new local art franchise, please complete the form below to be placed on our waiting list.

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